College Cougar

College CougarView Author’s Copyright InformationCynthia Fergus was divorced; unfortunately for her she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement. She had married Mark Higgins straight out of college. He was a lawyer nearly twice her age, who had swept her off her feet by treating her like the princess, every gal wants to be. That and they fucked like animals. Promising her a secure life of leisure she accepted his proposal.Over the twelve years Cynthia put in the marriage Mark had grown distant and on a few months before his fifty-sixth birthday he filed. Citing that the flame had gone out and the passion was gone. Cynthia had been twenty two on her way to graduating but had fallen for her lawyer. Being promised the world she fell into his arms. Mark had paid off her student loans, bought her a car, and even positioned her as a legal aid in a fellow firm. When they parted ways, Cynthia had just about nothing. She was able to keep some of her property, the dog, a cocker spaniel named Chester. Her Lexus which was barely running at the time. Clothes, jewelry, and a few dollars mandated by the court, but compared to what she was leaving, not very much at all. Mark had his sights set on younger flesh, so at age thirty four she had proven too wilted, and he reasoned it was time for her to go. Her one real job during the marriage was to look good and standing five-four at one eleven with thirty two C’s. She was well maintained and very attractive. She had dark raven hair, with brilliant blue eyes. Her skin was always a little pale, never really being able to get that deep tan she had forever desired.Two years passed, Cynthia for her long absence from the job market was with relative ease able to find herself a decent job as a receptionist in a paper manufacturing plant. The job was awful, but it paid modestly enough for her to get along in life. Unfortunately, being everyone in the office’s bitch was shitty.”Maybe I’m just spoiled?” she kept thinking to herself.Cynthia may have been that, but if there was one thing she was not, it was dumb. She had studied bio-chemistry and was towards the very top of her class when she had made her twelve year mistake. When her older brother dropped by as he occasionally did, and after explaining her gripes, he advised that she should finish out her education. He even offered to help pay taking away the only real opposition. After a month of thinking hard on it, more afraid to move in that direction due to the innate fear of change than any real objection, she took him up on it. She quit the paper company and soon found herself back at her alma mater. Due to some credits not matching up because of a change in the curriculum, she had three semesters to go.She was able to find a job as a pharmaceutical assistant, the pay was poor, but her older brother was footing a lot of the bill. She got more than a decent amount of scholarship money, which really surprised her. Cindy also lucked out being able to live off campus, where there were a few apartment buildings filled mainly with students. Most were doing post grad work or working on their master and some were seniors like her. She moved in mid-August and that is when we met for the first time.I was just hanging out in my underwear trying to find something that didn’t reek of the marina a lovely mix of body odor, sun screen and fuel vapors when I saw her out my window. I was on the third story and I could tell she was hot. Her apartment was right next to mine so for a few trips I watched her go back and forth back and forth. On her fourth trip the heat and weight of the packages were starting to get to her. The shitty building manager had known about our busted elevators all summer, but because the city council never harassed him about it, the decision was that it was cheaper to wait to the fix the damn thing than to be cited.I heard her drop the box outside her door as she opened it again. I sprang into action, asking if she needed any help, just like in hundreds of porns. I stuck my head out comically making it damn near horizontal. “Hey neighbor, ya need a hand?”Cindy was dripping with sweat; she had that pheromone smell where its sexy right before it slides down into bad body odor.”Sure,” she answered.I turned and started walking down the hall and said, “Take a breather; I’ll take care of the rest.”The rooms come pre-furnished bed frame no mattress though, fridge, couch, dinning set. The furniture wasn’t anything designer, but it’s either new or gently used and makes moving in so much easier. I got down to her truck and realized how stupid I was. She had been locking the doors to both her truck and apartment every time she left one to go to the other. I ran over to her window which was easy because it was right next to mine. I started shouting. It didn’t go over well with some of the other people with open windows. Words were exchanged but luckily Cindy heard.”Drop Your Keys!” She gave me a, what the fuck look.”Drop Your Keys….” she knew and was smiling at how stupid I looked.”Please!” They fell out of her hand. I went for them but they landed in the dirt anyway. I heard a laugh from three stories up, I looked up grinning.Five short trips later trips that included the heaviest bins full of her favorite books, it was all done. She thanked me over and again. So much that it made me embarrassed. Cindy was really stunning, even covered in sweat and dust. Her long dark hair was tied up in that working woman’s bun. She had freckles that only made her face better. On this day she was wearing one of those loose shirts with the big neck hole so that one shoulder can show off a bra strap or not and very revealing red capris.”I’d offer you a drink but my fridge is empty.”My hand slapped the table to her surprise. Without a word I left for my apartment. When I returned I said, “Unfortunately I am all out of everything but this.” I waved a bottle of Seagrams 7 at her.”How is that unfortunate?” she asked with a smirk.”Oh, I just figured…” trailing off, realizing I had made a fool of myself.”What you figured I wouldn’t like it because I’m a girl,” she said dragging out girl like a little kid would.I pointed at her with my free hand “GURL” cringing while I did it, I felt like douche half way through but it got a laugh so fuck you. She busted out some glasses and we started knocking them back. That afternoon I helped her unpack and as we did we learned a lot about each other. Getting progressively drunk she told me a little about Mark and the last two shitty years.I was twenty seven at the time having spent a few years after high school fucking around on tug boats instead of going to college, but on the boats I figured out what I wanted to do. I was entering my senior year as a mechanical engineer, not to brag. Working at the marina year round as a mechanic was a good way to make dough, that and the school year matched up nicely. There was work year round but during the school year is petered off a great deal.Soon it was late and we were very wasted. I was still sober enough to try and make a move; it was blocked with “I don’t want to do anything stupid.”To which I answered “I do.”She giggled walked me to her door. As I was leaving she caught me off guard with a kiss, nothing spectacular but a kiss is a kiss.We hung out a lot, and during the fall semester had a few similar classes. We had a very playful relationship, always taking jabs at one another. We started studying together and slowly became very close. A serious sexual tension built up between us. She started going to my gym and she was that girl who made you stare at her in the gym. I have guilty eyes she caught me staring so many times. I sensed she like it. Occasionally she would do poses where I had to stare and a grin would form she knew without looking that I was.It finally happened the Friday before mid-terms. We were in my place studying differential equations and if you don’t know what that is good. Around quarter to mid night we looked up at each other.”Fuck this, want to go drink and eat poorly?”With a sigh of relief she answered, “So glad you asked that.”We were down the stairs and in my car heading down the road in no time. We went to a joint called Jack’s Tap a real local local’s bar. It was late so only the most seasoned veteran drunks were there. They made really good pizza and had a great variety of brews for a dive. After several rounds and more pizza than any one should eat I broke the seal and dragged my drunken carcass to the dirty bathroom. I shook it but that last drop always ends up in your boxers. I turned around to leave and she was right behind me then she started kissing me deep and passionately. Now let me remind you, back when she moved in she had kissed me, that was in August and now it was mid-November and between then absolutely nothing. “I’m drunk and I don’t care I want you.”Our tongues thrashed back and forth. I am a great kisser and nothing beats sucking face. Cindy was equally skilled and we were tickling each other’s tongues and sucking on lips as we made our way to a stall. Not that it mattered that we were the only ones in the dump. We made our way clumsily to the stalls. She shoved me back, I almost fell bumping into the toilet. We continued kissing; she stopped and started to go down on me.Against my better judgment I said, “Hey uh Cindy I just took a leak.”Her answer was perfect, “I’m so drunk all I taste is pepperoni.”Cindy knew how to suck a dick. My mule was at half-staff, she gently grazed my rod with the back of her hand a few times sending chills up my spine and blood down into my cock. I’m relatively well endowed, seven inches on a really good day. She teased the tip with her tongue making it involuntarily convulse. Her soft hands cradled my balls as she started to go deeper on me. After a minute I felt her start to deep throat. After she got me down there and I was sure she could take it, I placed my hands on the back of her head and started throat fucking her. That wamp wamp sound started becoming more and more audible, I stopped when she spit out all over my balls trying to catch her breath. Not wanting to choke her, I started to pull my dick out, but Cindy was a really trooper. Seconds later she had me back fucking her face. I felt that twinge. “Cindy,” I grunted as she took my dick out pointed towards the toilet paper. She jacked me off, spraying a few ropes on the wall.I lead her straight out of the dive, throwing sixty bucks on our table more than enough. We made out by my car for a while. After we got in she asked, “Do you need condoms?”Smiling I shook my head. Driving home I should have gotten a speeding ticket, a driving to endanger, a DUI, and a reckless driving offense. We sprinted up the stairs, me leading the way with a death grip around Cindy’s wrist. There was a three foot gap between our doors; she pressed me up against it. Between kisses we debated jokingly whose apartment to fuck in. By the time we did, my pants were barely hanging off my ass and I was completely bare above the waist, my shirt and jacket on the hallway floor. Cindy’s tits were out and her fly was undone enough where I was able to rub her clit through her panties. We ended up fucking in her room. The winning argument was that she was doing a big load of laundry tomorrow and the sheets needed to go in anyway.Some of our clothes didn’t make it out of the hall way, I had to pick up my shit that next morning, stupid me leaving my wallet with the keys being in my jacket. The door slammed behind us and we stood close face to face tearing our clothes off. She hugged my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist; as I walked us towards her bed my solid rod rammed into her ass cheek with every step. By the time we got to her bed, her nipples were at that level of arousal where it’s a good hurt.

We Went To A Joint Called Jack’s Tap A Real Local Local’s Bar.

It was my turn mature over 30 to return the favor at the bar; her snatch had that distinct must to it. After a day and a night of being covered with pants and hours of studying how else would they smell. She trimmed herself quite nicely a nice little line of stubble. She had a big clit; I started sucking on that while my fingers searched for the G spot. I looked up as I was eating her box, she was squeezing her tits, and the look in her eyes was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. She was so sopping wet in just a short time she let out a scream as her body went rigid and her pussy clamped and sucked on my two fingers. I continued to lap at her clit which was so tender it made her squirm.”Oh fuck the condoms.” I turned and she squeezed me with her legs.”I’m on the pill; mind your trigger finger.” That was all I needed to hear.I crawled up her body, taking my engorged member and rubbing the tip up and down her slit teasing her to an evil degree.”Fuck me already” she said in an animalistic voice.I did as instructed, sliding up into her all the way up to the hilt. After three pumps between my shifting and hers, I landed right on the spot, the spongy wonder circle. I started thrusting into her hard, making the headboard slam. I was grunting and she was moaning, the sweet sounds. After ten minutes of just hammering away I felt that twinge again. I lasted for a while this time having busted a nut only twenty some odd minutes ago and being drunk. I barely got my dick out in time, shooting my load all over her inner thigh. The smell of sex wafted up in the room, our pheromones along with the mixing of both our cum on her inner thy and the sheet between her legs. I collapsed on top of her, and then rolled over so she was resting on me.”Get the light,” she said as she half ass tried to pull a blanket over us.*********************Hope you guys liked the story, here is an idea of what’s to come, there’s going to be some public sex, anal, swapping and threesomes. I hope my grammar was bearable. If you guys like my tale I’d like to make this a multiple parter, and away we go. Its kinda long and there isn’t a whole lotta sex but this is mainly a set up chapter, just so you know going forward.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:College CougarYou may also like…College Cougar from

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