A Wife's Torrid Love Affair With Her Young Co-worker

A Wife’s Torrid Love Affair With Her Young Co-workerTags: cheating , milf , anal , blow job , young manA wife has a six month affair with a young co-worker as he brings out the woman in her.Karen’s life seemed nearly perfect. She had everything a woman would ever want. A great marriage two wonderful children and a career that was taking her places. Her friends were all envious of her as they were all divorced and unhappy with their own lives.Karen and her husband had taken a trip to Jamaica for a week. They spent the week reconnecting with one another as they just relaxed and enjoying the time with being with one another. Karen looked gorgeous as she returned from her trip as her body had a tan color to it that brought out her best features including her light blonde hair.Karen at 41 looked great for age as she didn’t look a day over thirty. She couldn’t but help notice the men stare at her as she wore her two piece bikini and strutted around the beach. She drew a lot of attention while sunbathing on a beach where clothing was optional. She even went topless a few times showing off her beautiful breasts to the other men.Her vacation was quickly over and before she knew it she had to go back to work. When she arrived back she was told of a new project being assigned to her. She was also told that a new employee would be training with her. Matt had just been hired and it would be Karen’s job to show him the ropes. Matt had just turned 27 so he was really raw to what was going on with this project.The project was schedule to take a good 6 months to complete so it would be Karen’s job to babysit Matt along the way. The two of them would be working very closely with one another side by side and Karen certainly wasn’t happy about it. They had moved Matt’s cubicle right next to Karen’s office so he could learn everything that she was doing.Matt was a good looking guy and it was very hard for Karen not to notice that. She knew working so closely with a good looking young gentleman like Matt could present its own problems in itself but she had hoped that he could control his emotions around her. She didn’t want him getting the wrong ideas about their working relationship.The first month on the project was very stressful as they began to know the importance of it. They both knew this could help their careers down the road so they were willing to work the amount of hours it took to complete it. They began to work late into the evenings as they spent numerous hours with one another.It had been almost three months into the project and things were getting even more stressful. They both had planned on staying late one night after work so they could finish a key component to it. Karen had told her husband that she would be home late so not to wait up for her as did Matt who called his girlfriend and told her he wouldn’t be seeing her that night. Karen’s husband understood how important this project was to Karen’s career as he was more than patient with her not being there.

She Now Had Her Hands Wrapped Tightly Around The Back Of Matt’s Head As She Pushed His Face Hard Toward Her Wet Pussy.

It was about six in the evening when Karen got an email telling her that the data that she needed wouldn’t be ready until morning. She was somewhat relieve not to have to work late that night but she also knew this would put them behind on the project.She told Matt that he could go home and that she was going to stick around a little longer to finish a few of the unimportant things. Matt had gathered up his stuff and was walking past Karen’s office when he suddenly stop.He felt guilty leaving her all alone to finish up when he said, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay and help?”“Well if you like you could help me finish up this one small thing,” Karen said to him.Matt sat right next to Karen at her desk as the two of them quickly finish up that one last thing. The two of them then gathered up there things and left the office as Matt walked Karen out to her car.As Karen was just about ready to get into her car when Matt threw out an odd ball question to her, “Karen, how would you like to go get a drink?”Karen thought about for a few babe older than 30 seconds as she knew she could use a drink. She then surprised Matt as she said, “Why not! One drink would be great.”The two of them drove to a happy hour that was just a few minutes from the office. They grabbed a table in the back and began to chat with one another about their personal lives. Karen told Matt how happy she was with her marriage and how her husband had been so supportive with helping around the house while she worked all these hours.Matt also talked about how he hadn’t seen much of his girlfriend since this project had started and how lonely he had been feeling lately. He said he had missed his girlfriend a great deal but he also knew this would help his career immensely.After a few drinks the two of them began to feel something unusual between them. Even though Karen was 14 years older than Matt that certainly didn’t stop Karen from feeling something. It was then that Matt took the first step with Karen. He reached over and kissed Karen on the lips. Karen didn’t resist as she felt a powerful wave of adrenalin go right through her. Matt had kissed her on the lips for a good twenty seconds or so before pulling away.“I am so sorry!” Matt quickly said.Karen didn’t know how to respond to Matt’s advances as she sat their liking it as much as he did. The two of them tried quickly to put it behind themselves but their lust for one another was quite evident.As they left the bar that night the sexual tension between the two of them had grown to levels beyond both of them. When they reached Matt’s truck he quickly turned toward Karen and said, “How would you like to come back to my place?”Karen didn’t know if it was the alcohol talking or what but the sexual arousal she was feeling for Matt was real. She surprised Matt as she said,”Alright!”Matt’s apartment was just a few miles away as Karen climbed up into his truck. Once at his apartment Karen followed Matt inside as she stood in his living room. She knew what she was doing was wrong but the sexual arousal and the stress she was under had pushed her over the edge.Matt once again kissed Karen on the lips as she stood in his living room. She quickly began to melt in his hands as he led her down the hallway to his bedroom. He lay her on top of his bed as they once again passionately began to kiss one another. Matt’s hands began to explore parts of Karen’s body as he pushed his tongue deeply into Karen’s mouth.His hands ran about Karen’s lovely 41 year old body as he began to slowly undo her white tight top. He unbuttoned every last button on it until her bra was visible. He then removed her top and undid the back of her bra. He then slid the straps of her bra down over both of her arms as Karen’s tits were now exposed.Karen’s tits were amazing as Matt began to kiss each of them. They were above average in size and were still very firm. Karen began to moan out in excitement as a few minutes later Matt began to move his tongue down across her stomach. When he reached the top of her black slacks he began to undo them. He pulled them wide open until Karen’s daisy colored panties were visible.He then pulled down Karen’s tight slacks and began to nibble with his tongue all around the edges of Karen’s daisy printed panties. He ran his tongue around the outskirts of them as Karen’s body began to tremble with arousal as she lay on the bed. He teased her for a good few minutes before finally removing her panties as her nearly clean shaven pussy was in plain view. He ran his tongue across her swollen clit as Karen cried out with total excitement. Her body was under his control as moisture began to cover the delicate lips of her swollen pussy.Matt now began to push his tongue deeply into Karen’s pussy as she felt a wave of energy shoot through her that she hadn’t felt in years. It had been several minutes later and Karen’s orgasm was quickly coming on.She now had her hands wrapped tightly around the back of Matt’s head as she pushed his face hard toward her wet pussy. Matt’s hands now were on each of Karen’s beautiful tits as he gave each of them a firm hard squeeze as each of her nipples had harden.A few seconds later Karen’s body began to buck on the bed. Her cries filled the small apartment bedroom as she squirm hard on the bed. She no longer could wait as she let out a hollowing cry as she had one of the most intense orgasms of her life.Matt slowly let her come down from her orgasm as he quickly removed his pants as he slid back on top of her body. His cock was above average in size as Karen felt it grow in between her legs. They once again began to kiss as Karen reached down with both of her hands and pulled on Matt’s tight ass. She wanted his cock badly as she cried out, “Give it to me! I need your cock inside me!”A minute or so later Matt slid his cock in between the swollen lips of Karen’s pussy. Karen immediately let out a loud moan as she felt Matt’s cock sink deeply into her. Her hands held tightly onto his ass as Matt began to fuck her.It had just a few minutes later and Karen felt another powerful orgasm coming on. She began to moan out loudly as Matt pushed every inch of his big cock into her. Then seconds later Karen screamed out as her fingernails dug deeply into Matt’s tight ass. She began to cum like never before all over his big cock as he fucked her with vigor.A short time later Matt rolled over onto his back as Karen began to ride on top of his big cock. She fucked him hard as she rode hard on top of his cock. They fucked like this for several minutes as Karen once again felt another orgasm coming on. Matt quickly pulled her down onto his chest as he grabbed the back of her ass with both hands. He began to ram his big cock hard up into her as she screamed out into another intense orgasm. Karen loved it as she began to once again kiss Matt on the lips.A few minutes later Karen was on all fours on the center of the bed. Her face was positioned toward the headboard as she felt Matt push his big cock back into from behind. Matt began to fuck her hard from behind as the sound of, “Give it to me! Give it to me!” radiated around the small apartment bedroom. If Matt’s next door neighbors were home they easily could hear Karen cry out as she screamed out into a high pitch voice.Matt gave it Karen good and hard for several minutes from behind as Karen was on the verge again of another orgasm. A few seconds later as Matt thrust his hard cock deeply into her Karen she once again began to scream out. She had a very powerful orgasm as she felt Matt’s cock hitting the back walls of her pussy.Matt now was also close to cumming himself. He gave Karen a few more hard thrusts with his big cock before finally pulling out of her worn out pussy. He stroked hard on his cock for a good minute before it began to erupt. He shot his warm cum all over the back of Karen’s beautiful ass as it hung high into the air. The both of them then collapsed right next to one another on the bed. They began to cuddle with one another for the next several minutes. Matt then took Karen back to her car shortly after that.On Karen’s ride home she couldn’t believe how out of control things had gotten. She hadn’t cum like that in a very long time as Matt had pushed her over the edge several times over. The next day at work things were quiet between the two of them as nothing was mention about the previous night.It was a few days later when Matt brought up the idea of seeing Karen again. Karen knowing how she already had mess up her life went back to Matt’s place. It only took minutes before each of them were undressed as they kiss and felt up each other’s bodies.Karen wanted in the worse way to suck on Matt’s big beautiful cock. Matt laid on the bed as Karen began to work his cock over real good with her mouth. She sucked several minutes on his cock as Matt’s cock had gotten extremely hard. She then climbed on top of him and sunk her wet pussy down onto it.She began to fuck Matt hard as she cried out into a very intense orgasm a short while later. Matt quickly rolled Karen over onto her back and once again began to fuck her hard on the bed. They fucked each other for a good 45 minutes before Matt finally pulled his cock out of her and began to cum all over Karen’s beautiful tits.A short while later as Karen began to get dressed Matt had come up behind her. He whispered in to Karen’s ear how he wanted to fuck her one more time before she left. Karen pleaded with him that she had to get home but that quickly change as she felt Matt’s cock up against her ass. Matt brought her over to the side of the bed and lay Karen over it. He quickly discarded her panties as she felt his big cock penetrate her pussy once again from behind.He began to fuck Karen hard from behind as she braced her feet against the ground. Her body lay helpless across the bed as she felt him ram his cock in and out of her very hard. Matt ended fucking Karen very hard for another twenty minutes or so as Karen cried out into another intense orgasm.Seconds after that Matt moaned out loudly and before Karen could say anything to him about cumming inside her Matt’s cock began to explode inside her pussy. He filled her pussy with his cum as he finally pulled his cock out of her a few minutes later. His cum began to ooze from her pussy as she quickly ran into the bathroom to clean up. She couldn’t afford to leave any evidence that she had been with Matt that night before going home.The following week Karen and Matt were once again working late into the evenings. It was late and everyone else had left when Matt reached down inside Karen’s blouse. He felt up each of her tits through her bra as he said to Karen, “How about giving me a blow job?”They were taking a chance of getting caught by the cleaning crew but Matt was more than happy to take that chance. Karen knelt down in front of her desk chair as her tits now hung outside her blouse. She began to give Matt one of the best blow jobs of his life as she sucked hard on his cock for a good twenty minutes or so before Matt began to moan out, “Oh’ fuck! You are going to make me cum!”A few seconds later Matt’s cock began to explode as Karen held her mouth tightly around the shaft of his big cock. A few seconds later Matt’s cum began to trickle down the sides of the shaft of his cock as it ran all the way down to his balls as Karen held her lips tightly around his cock until he was finally done cumming.The following week Karen was extremely horny. The thought of being fucked in her office with the possibility of getting caught had her sexual arousal off the charts. She couldn’t wait for the last person on her floor to leave before begging Matt to fuck her right in her office. Matt very much like the idea as he quickly cleared a spot off Karen’s desk. Karen had on a skirt that day as she leaned her ass back toward him. Matt lay her across the desk as he hiked up her skirt above her waist. He quickly pulled down Karen’s wet panties as he dropped his pants to the floor seconds later.He grabbed tightly onto Karen’s hips and began to ram his big hard cock into Karen’s wet pussy from behind as she lay across her own desk. Karen cried out instantly as she felt Matt’s cock penetrate deeply into her. He fucked her hard on her desk for several minutes as Karen quickly cried out into a very powerful orgasm. He then pulled Karen up off the desk and began to fuck her once again as she braced her arms down onto the desk. He gave it to her good and hard as Karen once again cried out into another very intense orgasm.He quickly moved Karen back onto her desk. He lay there on her back as Matt positioned himself in between her legs. He began to pound his cock back into her as her legs hung over the side of the desk. Karen began a short while later to cry out as she once again had cum all over Matt’s cock. A short while later Matt began to cum as he filled Karen’s pussy with his cum.A few seconds later the sound of a waste can rattling around had gotten their attention. One of the cleaning people was on their floor and quickly heading there way as Karen quickly lowered down her skirt and sat back on her desk chair. Matt acted like nothing ever had happened as a few seconds later the cleaning person had come by her office oblivious to what had just happen a few minutes earlier. They both were lucky as they laughed out with one another.Their affair went on for the next few months until the project had ended. They met one last time before Matt was to be transferred to another office out of town. They went through the same motions as before as they waited for the workday to end and she would call her husband telling him she would late coming home from work.They would end up once again at Matt’s apartment. This night was to be special as Matt wanted one thing from Karen and that was to be able to fuck her in the ass. So far Karen had been a little apprehensive about letting him fuck her in the ass but after careful thought and knowing she would never see him again she agreed to let him.They began to fuck each other like all the rest of the times before as Matt made Karen cum hard several times. It had been almost an hour later when Matt was ready to fuck Karen in the ass. He had Karen push her gorgeous ass high into the air and spread her cheeks wide apart as Matt’s cock throbbed with excitement. He slowly pushed his hard cock up against Karen’s very tight asshole. She immediately let out a hollowing cry as she felt the head of Matt’s cock penetrate her tight asshole.She moaned out loudly as Matt worked several inches of his cock deep into her ass. She began to play with her pussy minutes later as she felt a huge orgasm coming on. A few minutes later while she fingered her pussy she screamed out into a very powerful orgasm as Matt slammed his big cock hard into her tight ass.He fucked her like this for several more minutes before announcing he was going to cum. His big cock began to swell up inside Karen’s tight asshole. He gave her several hard thrust with his cock as a few seconds later it began to explode inside her ass. Matt didn’t remove his cock from Karen’s ass until every last drop of cum had fallen from it. Her ass hole was the size of a quarter as Matt’s cum dribbled out of it and down onto the bed. Matt now had gotten that one last thing that he had always wanted from Karen.There six month affair was now over. Karen had found out afterwards that Matt had lied about having a girlfriend and that he had wanted to fuck her since the first day they met. Karen still wakes up in the middle of the night in a profuse sweat as she still can’t get the thought of Matt’s cock out of her mind but she knows it is all over with now.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:A Wife’s Torrid Love Affair With Her Young Co-workerYou may also like…A Wife's Torrid Love Affair With Her Young Co-worker from http://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/a-wifes-torrid-love-affair-with-her.aspx

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