My Spanish Teacher

Home · MILF Stories · My Spanish TeacherMy Spanish TeacherView Author’s Copyright InformationMy name is Tommy, and this story happened while I was sixteen years old and in the eleventh grade. School was almost over for the year and boy, was I ready too! I never really liked school, and the prospects of having a whole summer off was thrilling! The only thing I would miss was my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Delgado.She was 5′ 2″ tall, 34DD-22-32 and about 112 pounds. She was forty years old, but she looked more like a twenty-five year old! She was beautiful and sexy and she knew how to use what God had given her! It’s no wonder why she was the most popular teacher in the school! I would daydream of her being in nothing but a thong, walking up and down the aisles, teaching the class and stopping to rub that tight, hard body up against me just to drive me crazy!At the end of a particularly hard school day, she came up to me and said that I was failing her class. My mind was racing a thousand miles per hour, because with the end of school coming up in only five weeks, there was no chance of me pulling it up before the end of the year. Even though I didn’t mind repeating her class at all, I had a talk with her about what I could do to bring up my grades. In our talk I tried to pay attention, but that day she was wearing tight black skirt just short enough for her not to get fired over, and a white v-neck blouse that was a little too sheer and cut to show off her wonderful tits.We were coming up with ideas to pull my grade up, but everything we came up with wouldn’t bring my grade out of the “F” percentile. It was just too close to the end of school. But as we talked I think she noticed me checking her out, because she got up slowly and leaned over her desk, so I could look right down her blouse and see her wonderfully firm, ripe tits! She had neglected to wear a bra that day as well, it was almost as if she had planned on talking to me that day.”Come in tomorrow, and we’ll see what we can do,” she said. I thought for a moment, and realized that tomorrow would be Saturday.”Ok, what time?” I still said. Even though I hated going to school on a Saturday, I hated the thought of spending another year in it worse!”How does 9 a.m. sound? I have a lot to do tomorrow and I don’t want to be here all day,” she said.I thought “Damn it! I wanted to sleep in.” But I said “Ok, that’s fine.” With that, I said goodbye and went out of the room.The next day, I got there at 8:45 a.m. and went up to the door to her classroom and peeked in through the window, so I could see what she was doing. To my amazement, she was standing at her desk and I noticed she was wearing the same mini skirt and blouse from yesterday. She turned, and she had a bottle in her hand. I looked closer, and I recognized that it was a rum bottle. She took a big sip of it, then I ducked around the corner, afraid of getting caught. I wanted to surprise her, so I knocked on the door. I heard some noise like she was putting the bottle back. She came to the door, and greeted me.”How you are?” she croaked then she quickly cleared her throat, and said “I’m sorry, how are you?””I’m good. Are you ok?” I asked.”I’m fine. Just stayed out drinking with a few friends last night a little too late. I usually don’t come in on Saturdays, so I partied too hard.””What time did you get to bed?” I asked.She looked at me for a second, and I thought that she might think that was too personal. “I didn’t. We actually drank all night, then they dropped me off here about 2 hours ago. I’m still a bit out of it, if you couldn’t tell,” she said.”Well you look very nice for a lady who spent the night drinking,” I said. ”Thank you,” she said, smiling a bit. I walked in the door, and she locked it behind us. We walked over to her desk and she came up and sat on the edge of it as she talked.”Ok to bring up your grade I have an idea…””What is it?” I asked. “I’ll do whatever it takes. I don’t want to repeat the year.””I’m glad to hear that Tommy,” she said. She put her hand on my shoulder, and said “I’m going to perfectly honest with you, Tommy. My husband hasn’t given me the attention I need.” At this time I’m thinking, Fuck, her old man is an idiot!She said “You are an attractive well-built young man, so would you please fuck me wild? I need a stiff, hard cock in the worst way! I am tired of using my fingers or my plastic boyfriend. I need the real thing, a hot, throbbing, real life cock.”I stood there slack-jawed for what must have seemed forever for her. She finally snapped me out of my dumbfounded stupor “Well, Tommy, can you help a frustrated girl out?”I said “Yeah, sure!” She pulled me down to kiss her (I was a good foot taller than her) and we kissed long, and deep, and hard. It was like she hadn’t been kissed in a very long time. She opened her mouth and my tongue found hers and they danced together as our lips embraced. Finally, we came up for air and she began kissing on my neck a little bit, then she took off my shirt. In return, I took off her blouse, and I got the first good look at her tits.She actually had amazing tits, even though they were “double d’s” they were firm and stood up proudly. And I got another shocker then as well. Mrs. Delgado had pierced nipples! Yep, she was sporting a pair of silver bar bell piercings through her thick nipples! We continued kissing some more, then she knelt down and unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. I stepped out of them, and stood in front of her naked now. She noticed the boner I had and licked her soft red lips.”I think someone’s all ready to fuck.””Yes I am,” I replied.She turned around, “Would you like to help me out of my skirt, Tommy?” I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.”Mrs. Delgado, you don’t know how many times I have daydreamed of something like this,” I confessed. She continued to remove her panties as she spoke.”Oh I know. That’s why you have been failing my class. And I will admit that it is kind of flattering. That’s why I asked you to come here today.” She had a perfect ass, perfectly round, and very nicely tanned. Above her ass, right in the small of her back she had a tattoo, a “tramp stamp”, of two full-color roses, one facing right and one facing left with their stems intertwined in the middle. Above the roses was her name “Rosa”. She started swaying side to side. ”Still wanna fuck me?” she asked.”Your damn right I do, Mrs Delgado,” I said.She went down on her knees, and said “Ok but if we are going to fuck, call me Rosa. Mrs. Delgado makes me feel too old.””Ok, Rosa,” I said.”Want me to blow your cock?” she asked, looking up at me and smiling, her big brown eyes searching mine, looking for acceptance. Before I could answer her though, she had her hand around my cock, jacking me off. I was about to blow already, just from the excitement of the whole situation, when she put me in her warm, wet, mouth. Her head began bobbing up and down slowly. Then when I didn’t think that it could get any better, she opened her mouth wide, and took ALL my cock in.”Ohh Fuck! Mrs. Delgado, um, Rosa, I didn’t know you could deep throat,” I said almost delirious from the sensations I was feeling. I’d had blowjobs before, but nothing even came close to what she was doing to me now! She was amazing! And she sucked my cock like she was starving and I was a t-bone steak! I pumped my cock in her mouth, and heard her gagging a few times. She took it out of her mouth, and gasped for air.”Oh baby, Lléname con tu jugo de hombre! Follar mi coño caliente!” she said in Spanish, which roughly translated to “Oh baby, fill me with your man juice! Fuck my hot pussy!” in English. She laid down on the floor, pulling me down with her. She spread her lean, well-tanned legs and I climbed in between them. But I didn’t want to rush things. I didn’t know if I would get such an opportunity again. I decided to enjoy this Mexican delight before I went in to finish the meal off. I leaned down, and something shiny caught my eye. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and saw that in addition to the nipple piercings, Rosa also had her clithood pierced. My cock instantly hardened even more. I placed my mouth over her smoothly shaved slit, and began licking and lapping at her bejeweled box.”Oh, Fuck!” she said, spreading her legs wider and grabbing my hair. She pulled me in closer, crushing my nose against her mound and wanting my tongue deeper inside her. I obliged her by lapping at her sweet Mexican pussy, my tongue parting her fat lips and scooping up her nectar as her juices began to flow. I licked her pussy lips, poked at her opening with my tongue, and flicked her throbbing clit, sending sparks through her that caused her to arch her back and moan loudly.”Oh that’s it, baby, oh fuck yeah right there! ooooh yesss!” she encouraged me on. She began tossing her head back and forth, her long black hair flopping and flying around as her rapture overtook her. As I ate her sweet pussy, my hot Spanish teacher began her climb towards a long-awaited orgasm. I felt her thighs begin to tremble and her moaning got louder and more desperate sounding.Suddenly she screamed out “Oui Pappi! OH FUCK!! I’M CUMMING!” She flooded my mouth with her pussy juices as she came and came hard. She thrashed around like she was being electrocuted, twisting and jerking and convulsing almost to the point I got scared I’d broke her! For a good two minutes she went through these near-seizure spasms and convulsions before she finally came down, sweat-covered and her hair a matted, sweaty mess.”Oh my god, Tommy!” she panted, “That was amazing! I haven’t come like that in ages!” I sat back on my heels feeling pretty damn proud of myself! “Thanks,” I said, trying to be a little modest.”If you can do that to me with your tongue, what can you do with your cock, baby?” she asked, with a smile that made my heart flutter. Rosa was even more beautiful with a fresh-cum flush to her cheeks.”Why don’t we find out?” I suggested.”I’m ready if you are lover!” she said smiling. She laid back again and spread those luscious thighs. I got back on top of her, this time higher and pointed my anxious cock at her slit. I reached down and took hold of it and rubbed the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips teasing her and getting it lubed up in the process.”C’mon baby, don’t tease…give me your sweet cock. I need you inside me now!” she pleaded. I couldn’t wait any longer either, and I slowly began entering her warm depths.Now I don’t mean to boast, but I am bigger than a lot of the other guys I have been in gym classes with. And I guess I am bigger than Mr. Delgado too, or Rosa hadn’t gotten laid in a long time. Turns out it was both!I watched her face as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. My sexy senora’s mouth dropped open and her soft brown eyes grew as big as saucers as I filled her pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper until I finally bottomed out inside her, my balls pressed up against her ass as I gave her everything I had.”OH MY GOD! Tommy, I’ve never felt so full!” she said “God you are wonderful!”I leaned forward to kiss her as I began pulling out, slowly. I pulled out until just the head of my cock remained in her, then slammed forward again, catching her gasp in my own mouth. I raised up then and began giving her the fucking she wanted so badly.”Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” became her mantra as I started pounding away at her pussy in savage thrusts. She wanted a hard fucking and I was just the guy to give it to her! Rosa reached up and began tugging at her nipples, and clawing at those wonderful tits as I plowed into her pussy over and over. Her moans and cries went from English to Spanish to gibberish as she climbed Orgasm Mountain for the second time. Rosa’s brown eyes glazed over with lust and she tossed her head back and forth crazily as she neared the peak. As she stood on the edge of her abyss, she reached up and grabbed me, pulling me down on top of her and clinging to me like she was drowning.”OHMYFUCKINGGOD! I’MM CUUUMMINGGG!!” she screamed as she erupted once again around my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper into her as her pussy walls clamped me in their vise-like grip. She poured out her juices soaking us both as she continued to cum, and I continued to pound her pussy as she did.”Wait! Wait, please!” she finally gasped, pushing me off of her. “I can’t breathe!”She lay there on the floor soaked in her own pussy juices and gasping for air like she had just been saved from near drowning. I laid down next to her and watched her chest, her wonderful womanly chest, rise and fall with her gasping breaths.After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal and she was able to talk again. I was laying on my back and she propped herself up on one elbow and leaned over me.”Tommy that was wonderful. I can’t remember cumming so hard. But you still haven’t cum, sweetheart. So now it’s your turn, how do you want it? A blow job? In my pussy? How can I make you cum?” she asked, as she traced her finger across my chest, lightly scratching me.”Well,” I started to say, “I’ve had your mouth and I’ve had your pussy…””So you want to have my ass too?” she finished.”Yeah, if that’s ok. I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before.””Oh baby, that’s my favorite position! Sure, I’d love to feel that big old cock of yours in my asshole!”She moved into position on all fours, then put her chest down on the floor, thrusting her ass up invitingly, and looked at me with a big smile, slapping her ass hard. “C’mon, baby, shove that fat cock up my shitter! I want to feel you fill my ass like you filled my pussy!” I got in position behind her. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, and just like I did with her pussy, I wanted to play a bit before I fucked her tight hole.I had read somewhere how some girls get turned on by having a guy lick and tongue their assholes, but I had never had a girl who would let me try it. Somehow I thought that Mrs. Delgado was just the hot little number that would be open to something like that. Besides, she was so starved for sexual attention, I seriously doubted she would have turned down anything I suggested at that point. I leaned forward and gave her soft brown puckered hole a long lick.”Ohhhh,” she moaned. She pulled her ass further apart as she spread her knees apart more. I lapped at her asshole a couple more times, eliciting a moan each time.

My Husband Hasn’t Given Me The Attention I Need.” At This Time I’m Thinking, Fuck, Her Old Man Is An Idiot!

”You like that do you?” I asked.”Ohh yesss, keep doing that, please!” she said, lustfully.I smiled and formed my tongue into a small poker and pushed into her anal ring, poking in and out tongue-fucking her ass. Now some people might think the idea of licking someone’s ass disgusting, but I enjoyed the musky taste of her sweet asshole. And Rosa was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing to her, moaning and whimpering as my tongue poked in and out of her, licking her ass and getting her ready for more fun.As I continued tongue-fucking her, I reached between her spread thighs and fingered her dripping pussy. She cried out even more with this new attack, raising her chest up to hold herself up with one hand, while the other began grabbing and clawing at her tit. With my tongue working her ass, my fingers churning in her pussy and teasing her clit, and her mauling her tit, poor Rosa was beside herself, moaning and tossing her black mane back and forth as she neared yet another sweet orgasm.She began to crest and I knew she was only moments away from cumming once more, and that’s when I threw her a real curve. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and grabbed hold of my still raging cock. Without any warning, I buried my tool deep in her rectum in one smooth motion.She reared up, shocked and surprised. “OH SHIT!!!” she screeched. I grabbed her hips and held on like a rodeo cowboy as she instinctively tried twisting and pulling away. But as she got used to my size and my cock being buried in her, I began to pump back and forth and she settled down enjoying my thrusting in her back door.When she did, she bounced back and forth into my thrusts and driving my cock deeper into her. It felt so good being buried in her tight hot ass, feeling it slapping against my legs, and squeezing my cock as it tried to milk it of it’s precious seed. She moaned and tossed her long black hair back and forth which made me even more hornier.As I rode this hot Mexican honey, she was getting sweaty. I grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back. I spanked her ass as I fucked her and she said “oh yeah, spank me baby, I’ve been a bad whore.” After about 5 minutes of fucking her for all I was worth, slapping her ass until it was hot and red, and her fingering herself as I did both, she was ready to cum once more. This time however, I was to join her.”I’m going to cum!” I said, “I’m going to cum in your ass!””YES! BABY! YES! Cum in my ass, give me your hot cum!” she screamed as she exploded herself. Her ass clenched down once more onto my cock and that was all it took. I dug my fingers into her hips and shoved deep holding myself fully inside her as my cock erupted.”YEEESSSSS!” She yelled as she felt my lava spurt out into her bowels. She came and flooded her juices out onto the floor again, adding to the pool she had already produced, then collapsed on the floor. She rolled onto her back gasping for breath, and looked at me with her shining brown eyes.”Thank you baby. Thank you. You’re much better than my husband.””You’re way better than my girlfriend also,” I told her. She sat up and so did I.”I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” she said, as she was trying to catch her breath.”Well she isn’t really my girlfriend, I guess. I mean we’ve only known each other a month. And we’ve only dated a couple times.””So have you and her had sex yet?””We haven’t yet. She wants it to be special, I guess. That’s ok.” I said.”I see.” she said, starting to get dressed.”Her body is nothing compared to yours though. She’s real petite. She doesn’t have nearly the body you have. Her tits are real small and she doesn’t have much of an ass either,” I said.”Well I’m glad you like my body,” she said smiling.”Like it? Mrs. Delgado you got a smoking body! You are a hot woman!””You are a dear!” she said kissing me. “Today was extra credit you know. Don’t worry about your grade. You passed my class,” she said. I watched as she went around to her desk and wrote some things in her grade book.”Did you drive here?””Yeah,” I said.”My husband is at work until 10 tonight. Would you come back to my place with me and have sex where he and I sleep, so I can have nice dreams when I go to bed from now on?” she asked sincerely.I thought that it was risky, but I said, “Ok, lets go make some good dreams for you.” With that we got into her car and left the school, driving to her house.We rode together to her house, both of us with a smile on our faces. The ride wasn’t too long. As we made our way to her place we talked a bit.”Rosa how long have you had your piercings?” I asked.”I got them back when I was in college, not much older than you. It was a Spring Break/got too drunk for my own good thing. You like them?” she asked.”Hell yeah! I think they are so hot!” I said immediately.”Thank you. I know some of the parents and other teachers would frown on it if they found out so let’s just keep that between us, ok?””I understand. No problem. But I think they are so sexy!” I said again. She smiled in gratitude.We pulled up into the driveway of a nice split-level ranch house.”Here’s my place,” she said. She pushed the button on the garage door opener and we pulled inside. I got out of the car, and she and I walked up to the front door and she fumbled a bit with the keys at the door.”Damn! I feel like a silly schoolgirl!” she said, blushing a bit. I took the keys from her, kissed her softly, and then unlocked the door and opened it for her. She smiled at me and stepped inside, as I followed her in. It was nicely decorated and clean. It wasn’t a Home and Gardens showcase, but it wasn’t a Salvation Army Special either. I shut the door behind us, and she led me up into the living room on the second floor. Then she said “Just let me change out of these clothes and get into something more comfortable. I’ll be out in a minute, honey. Make yourself at home,” and she went into her room.As I was waiting for her to return, I walked into the kitchen and saw all the empty bottles she was talking about from the night before. She entered the kitchen and said, “Yeah it was a wild night.” I looked at her, and she had changed in to a pair of skin tight jeans and a crop top the tied right at the bust that made her tits seem even bigger.I said, “Damn, teach! You are looking good.”She said, “You are so sweet, love. My husband never even notices when I dress like this. Do you really think I look good?”I said, “Good enough to eat!”She surprised me when she ran and fell into my arms and said, “Oh Tommy, it’s been so long since I had anyone treat me like you do. Thank you, baby. You make me feel special again.” ”I’m glad,” I said. I spanked her ass and said, “I wanna ride you again babe, are you up for it?”She gave me a kiss and said, “That’s what I was hoping you’d say, lover!” She kissed me again, and took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. I sat on her bed as she walked across the room to her small stereo and put on a cassette tape.”I recorded this tape when I got this sexy dance video from off the TV. It’s supposed to make you fit while teaching you how to dance like a stripper!” she said. “But hubby hasn’t paid much attention to me so I haven’t done it in awhile.”I took her in my arms, “If I had a girl that looked as hot as you do, I’d be all over you all the time. Your husband doesn’t know what he’s missing,” I said. She looked up at me and I saw a tear form in her eye and start to roll down her cheek. I wiped it off and kissed her again.”Now why don’t you show me some of your moves ok, baby?” I suggested. She smiled and I sat back to enjoy the show.She got between my legs as the music played. “I give wonderful lap dances,” she said, as she started grinding her hips to the beat of the music. She turned around and pushed her tight, hot ass up against my crotch and rubbed it up and down on my cock, which was already straining to get out.”Babe, why don’t you take those clothes off,” I said. She pulled them off, and did another lap dance in just her panties this time. My hand slowly went over her hips, and lower back. I wanted to see if she’d let me, so I reached my hand around to her pussy and stuck a finger in. She put her head back, and moaned. As she ground her ass into my lap, I fingered her pussy under her panties until my hand and her panties were both soaked. She then stood up, took off her soaked undies and went to the bed, laying on her back. She got demanding and said “Fuck me now!” I quickly got on the bed and picked her legs up, and put them over my shoulders. I inserted my rock hard cock in to her tight pussy. She made this sexy moaning sound that she never made before. I went in and out only a few times, and she already was grabbing the bed sheet, and screaming, “Yes fuck my pussy! Yes!”We fucked like that for about 20 minutes, then I laid on my back and she got on top of me. She was already breathing heavily, and she said, “Baby put that rock hard cock in my ass!” I was willing to do anything at this point, so she squatted over me, and in went my cock. She slid down my cock pole slowly, trying to get used to the size. She dug her nails into my shoulder and let out a moan. On the second time of her going down, she went faster.Before I knew it, she was riding me like I was the mechanical bull at her favorite western bar. She was bouncing up and down, her long black hair flailing wildly. I spanked her on the butt, and she just screamed “HARDER! HARDER!” So I spanked her with all my power, and she screamed “OOOHHHH YESSS! TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING WHORE!!!” We did this for a good twenty minutes, then we heard a car pull in the drive way. She stopped riding me, and then looked outside the bed room window. She said, “Oh shit! My husband’s home!”I jumped up off the bed and pulled my pants on, and said, “I thought you said he wouldn’t be home till later!”She said “Sorry, just leave, and walk down the road a little. I’ll figure out a way to go pick you up in the car. Now hurry!” So without bothering to tie my shoes or even buckle my belt, I hauled ass out the house, darting out the back door seconds before he came through the front door! Rosa would tell me later that she met him at the front door and asked him how his day went and other chit chat to stall for time as I scampered around the house and down the road to a spot where I couldn’t be seen from the house. Only then did I stop to tie my shoes and finish getting dressed!I walked for five more minutes in the dark before I saw headlights coming towards me. The car slowed down, and the window was rolled down, It was Mrs. Delgado. She said, “Jump in babe.” I got in the car, and we started talking and laughing about how we almost got caught. She said “Yeah he came back early. I guess his meeting got out earlier than he expected,” she said.”How’d you get out?” I asked.”I told him my friend Janet’s car broke down and she had called just before he came in and asked me to come get her and give her a ride home.” She smiled at me and pulled on the tie on her top exposing her wonderful tits. “So did that end everything or can we still continue?””Well I guess we can continue, but the car’s not really comfy,” I said.”The back seat is really roomy baby,” she told me. I wasn’t going to argue. If she wanted sex in the back seat of the car, then I was more than willing to accommodate her!She pulled the car over, and took off her crop top entirely. She got out of the car, and said, “Come on babe, lets see what you can do in the back seat of the car.” I went to the back seat, and took off my pants as she shed her own.”Do you still want me in your ass or do you want me to fuck that pussy?” I asked.”You still got enough in you for both, baby?” she asked.”Hell, yeah!” I told her. Rosa smiled that beautiful smile of hers and slid into the backseat, laying on her back. I pulled her partially out of the vehicle so that her ass was on the very edge of the seat and she could spread her legs wide. I knelt down on the ground between those splayed-out legs and began by lapping at that sweet juicy pussy.”Oh god, Tommy! You are sooo good at that!” she moaned as she began digging her fingers into the seat cushion and into her tit. She put one leg through the rolled down window of the open door, and the other leg was thrown over my shoulder and wrapped around the back of my neck, pulling me in closer to her steaming slit.I ate her juicy pussy for about 10 minutes, lapping at her slit, sucking her fat, swollen pussy lips, and sucking and chewing on her engorged clit. She was moaning and crying as she writhed and twisted in pure bliss.”Ohh baby! You’re gonna make me cum again!” she said. And sure enough, it wasn’t a minute more until she flooded my mouth with her sweet pussy juice once more!Once she had cum, I did something that even I was shocked I did! I must have been completely caught up in the moment, because I reached into the car and grabbed her by the hair and hauled her out of the back seat, throwing her up against the side of the car! With her face down on the trunk lid and her legs spread wide in an almost police arrest stance, I got behind her and shoved my cock balls-deep into her pussy in one savage thrust. I grabbed her wrists, pinning them behind her back with one hand and pulling her head back by the hair with the other while she screamed, “OH FUCK!!!!” I started pounding her pussy for almost 5 minutes really hard, and she was very loud since no one was around.She yelled “STOP BABY STOP!” So I pulled it out of her, and she started giggling. “Damn, honey, my poor pussy isn’t used to so much action!” She then sat back down in the seat and she pulled me to her and put my cock in her mouth, and I started fucking her face. She gagged a little bit, but then she took control of my cock. She started jerking me off, and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I unloaded a huge load on her ample tits. She moaned, “Mmm, Nice hot cum on my tits.” She continued jacking me off and I warned her when my next load was coming, and she held her mouth wide open and I shot it so it would go in her mouth. I always wanted to know what she would do with it. She spit it back on my cock, and then licked it back up and swallowed it.”You swallow?” I said, surprised. ”Yes I love drinking cum,” she said, “I can’t get enough of the stuff! Guess that makes me a cum slut!”With both of us completely sated, we got dressed, and she said, “I’d better get you home. I can’t stay gone for too long unfortunately.””So that really means you’re all done, and wanna go home yourself,” I said.”Well, I need go home to see if my husband has eaten dinner or needs anything from me,” she said. She leaned forward and kissed me once more. “Thank you, Tommy. You have made me feel more like a woman tonight than I have felt in a very long time.”She dropped me off at my house, and she drove back home. We met after school to “study” the rest of that school year and during the summer we found time to be together at least twice a week. The next school year I stopped by to see her after school a lot. Rosa eventually got divorced from her husband and her and I had a steady romantic relationship for two and a half years until I went off to college.The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:My Spanish TeacherYou may also like…My Spanish Teacher from

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