Northern Line Cougar

Northern Line CougarTags: outdoor , milf , public sexWhat happened on the way to WembleyThis is a true story about one thing that I thought would never happen to me. I had been living in London for six months and thought it was about time I should see more of the place. So on a sunny Sunday afternoon I went wandering.I boarded the Northern Line train and found I was the only person in the carriage. It stayed this way for three stops until Jana stepped aboard. She looked up and down the carriage. I was expecting her to leave or sit well away from me but no, this well toned brunette wearing a pleated sports skirt,white blouse (two top buttons undone) and tennis shoes sat directly opposite me.Jana placed her racquet bag next to her on the seat and removed a Sun newspaper. She began reading.I buried my head in my copy of Top Gear.As the train pulled out, she made a show out of turning the page. I lifted my head, only to notice that her legs were slightly parted and her skirt had begun to ride up her silky smooth, tanned thighs. Trying not too look like a pervert, I lifted my mag again.Again there was a loud rustle. Again I snuck a peek. Her legs were now well spread and her skirt was well up her thighs. It wasn’t hard to see she was well trimmed since she wasn’t wearing any panties.I started to get hot under the collar. I hid.

Jana Placed Her Racquet Bag Next To Her On The Seat And Removed A Sun Newspaper.

The third rustle was louder still. Sneaking a peek was called for once again. To my surprise, not only were her legs spread and her pussy lips calling to me from the top of those divine legs, but now her blouse was undone, revealing a beautiful, proud nipple upon a firm tanned breast. Before I could stop myself, I heard a “Holy shit,” echo around the coach.I blushed and tried to sink into the seat. My heart sunk and I though she would let fly. But no. Her right foot lifted up onto the seat next to her. She licked her fingers and began to play with herself. I listened to the lush sound of fingers sliding in and out of a juicy wet pussy. Nobody else joined the carriage, to my relief.Two stops later Jana slid across the aisle and placed her wet fingers on my lips. I couldn’t help but lick her beautiful flavour from her fingers. Her hand ran down my shirt and onto my trousers. Gently massaging the mound growing inside.”Follow me,” was the order as the next stop approached. We left the train. I followed her into a park. She led me behind a bunch of shrubs. Jana had my belt undone and my cock out within seconds and gave me the most beautiful and gentle blow job I could dream of. Gentle lips sliding up and down my shaft, combined with playing with my balls.As I came, Jana deep-throated my shaft. She swallowed all I had. I lay down and had invited her to sit on my still wet cock. She readily lowered herself and worked me hard again. After riding my cock and milking me for second time I thought it was my time to pleasure her. But older ladies no, she didn’t want it. She preferred to give all the pleasure. Who was I to argue, when a milf on a mission wanted to have her way with me?Jana slipped off my now drained cock and gathered her bag. Only now did I finally ask her name.As she straightened her clothing she thanked me for fucking her.Then she left.I thought that only happened in magazines………This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:Northern Line CougarYou may also like…Northern Line Cougar from


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