Ex-husband Sets Up His Former Wife With A Stripper While He Watches

Ex-husband Sets Up His Former Wife With A Stripper While He WatchesTags: milf , stripper , big cock ,A Ex-husband sets up his former wife with a stripper so he can watch her get fucked.Rick and Kelly had been divorced for the past two years. Rick had let his job and other things get in the way of his marriage as he watched it crumbled right before his own eyes. He still thinks a lot about Kelly and they are still very good friends with one another.Kelly’s 40th birthday was coming up fast and Rick wanted to do something special for it. He thought of several different ideas, but one of them in particular kept coming back to him. He remember how great their love making sessions were from the past and how he wanted so badly to see Kelly’s beautiful body naked one more time.Rick had come up with the idea of celebrating Kelly’s birthday by hiring a stripper for her. He had hoped that a young stripper could seduce his ex-wife by stripping in front of her and then fucking her while Rick watched. The thought of seeing Kelly being fucked had Rick’s cock throbbing with excitement. Kelly was a beautiful looking woman as her blue eyes and light blonde hair gave her a much younger look. Her body was just as spectacular as it was nearly perfectly shaped. He began to wonder why he had ever left her in the first place.The night of Kelly’s 40th birthday Rick told her he was going to stop by to give her a birthday present. He had arranged for a good looking young man to accompany him to his ex-wife’s home that night. Jake was a 21 year old college student who moon lighted as a part time stripper. He had a nearly perfect body and Rick knew that Kelly would be vulnerable to his advances.On the way to her house that night Rick lay out everything he had wanted from Jake. His request was nothing new for Jake, as he wanted him to seduce his ex-wife and then fucked her good and hard while he watched. He told him that there would something extra in it for him if he could accomplish what he had wanted. Jake was a very confident young man and immediately told Rick that he would have no problem honoring his request.That night at Kelly’s home Rick introduced Jake as a business associate of his. The three of them chatted for several minutes before Rick finally opened why Jake was there.“I hope you enjoy my present I got you tonight.” Rick said to her.“What did you get me?” Kelly asked.“I think you are going to like it. Jake isn’t a business associate of mine, but actually a stripper and he is yours for the night.” Rick replied back to her.Kelly was startled at first and didn’t know what to say as Jake grabbed a chair and sat it in the center of the living room. He had Kelly sit down on the chair as Rick put some music on for Jake to prance around to.He began to dance slowly for Kelly as her eyes began to follow his every move. A few minutes into his routine he remove his shirt as his tight abs immediately stood out. Kelly was quickly falling for his routine as the young man grabbed her hands and ran them across his tight chest and abs. Kelly hadn’t had sex in quite a while as her hormones began to rage with excitement.A few minutes later the Jake began to undo his pants. Kelly had no idea how far his routine was going to go as he slowly worked his pants down until he stood there in just a small G-string. His big cock filled the front of it as his tight ass was fully exposed from behind.Jake then began to once again dance in front of Kelly as her eyes began to glaze over with arousal. A few minutes later a now excited Kelly had her hands on the young man’s tight ass. She gave each of the cheeks of his ass a good firm squeeze as the young man moved even closer to her.He then began to tease her as he grabbed his small G-string and began to pull it outward from his cock. The head of his big 8.5 inch began to show as Kelly began to squirm in her chair. She was getting more aroused by the minute as the young man gave Kelly a peek inside his G-string. She began to blush with excitement as Jake slowly started to pull his G-string down over top of his big cock.Then seconds later his big cock popped out right in front of Kelly’s face. Rick continued to watch on with a serious hard on as Jake’s cock was in a semi erect stage. He began to flaunt his big cock right before Kelly’s eyes as she didn’t take her eyes off it for a second. She now wanted his cock as her aroused body sat nervously squirming on the chair.Jake now had Kelly right where he wanted her as he brushed the head of his big cock across her soft lips. He did this for a good minute until Kelly began to part her lips. The young man then quickly slipped his big cock into her warm mouth as Rick watched on with amazement from the couch.“That’s it baby. Suck it! Suck my big cock!” the young stripper shouted out.Rick remember how great Kelly was at sucking cock as she began to work over the young man’s cock with her tongue. She held tightly onto his ass as she gave his cock a good working over. A few minutes later Jake pulled his cock from Kelly’s mouth and had her raise her arms up over her head. He grabbed her shirt and lifted up off her beautiful body as she still sat on the chair. He then undid her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. Her breasts were normal size, but very firm as her nipples began to harden.He ran his hard cock across and in between both of her breasts as Kelly sat there still grasping at his tight ass pulling him closer to her. He then had Kelly stand up and bend slightly over as she held onto the back of the chair. Her tight jeans clung to her beautiful ass as Jake stood behind her for several seconds admiring her gorgeous ass. He then reached around her waist and undid her jeans. He began to slowly peel them down over the cheeks of her lovely ass as Rick’s cock now throbbed with total excitement. He hadn’t seen his ex-wife naked in more than two years as she stood there wearing just a pair of white satin panties.Jake then said to her, “Spread those beautiful legs wider apart! I want to see that gorgeous ass”Kelly slid her legs wider apart as she bent her ass even more back toward Jake. Jake come up from behind as he slid each of his hands down in between Kelly’s legs. Her body began to nervously tremble as she felt the young man’s hands run dangerously close to her now very aroused pussy. He teased her for a good few minutes before he began to pull down her white satin panties. He slid them down slowly until they had reached the floor. He grabbed them and tossed them over to Rick. Rick felt how wet they were as a rage of jealously began to raze through him.Rick couldn’t believe how jealous he had felt as Jake pressed his large cock up against his ex-wife’s ass. A few minutes later Jake lay Kelly down across an autumn right in front of where Rick was sitting.“You want me to fuck you baby with my big cock?” Jake asked Kelly as she lay nervously across the autumn.Seconds later Kelly felt Jake’s big cock penetrate her swollen pussy as she began to cry out, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god!”Rick’s heart raced as he watched Jake pushed his big cock into his ex-wife’s pussy. Kelly immediately cried out as she felt his enormous cock stretch her pussy wide apart. Jake began to fuck her hard on the autumn as Kelly screamed out into a very powerful orgasm just minutes later. Her body shook hard on the autumn as Rick watched his ex-wife cum on another man’s cock.“You like it baby? You like my big cock?” Jake asked her.“Yes! Yes! I love your big cock! Give it to me!” Kelly cried out.Jake rammed his big cock hard into Kelly’s pussy for another few minutes before he flipped Kelly over onto her stomach. Her gorgeous ass now hung over the side of the autumn as Jake knelt down behind it. He slammed his big cock back into Kelly’s wet pussy as she felt his cock hitting deep inside her. She loved being fucked hard from behind as she began to cry out, “Give it to me! Give it to me!”“You like getting fucked like a slut?” Jake shouted out to her.“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!” Kelly cried out.Jake began to pound his cock even harder into her from behind as the sound of pounding flesh filled the living room. Kelly hadn’t been fucked liked this in a very long time as her body gravitated hard on the autumn. Jake gave it to her good and hard for several minutes as she once again screamed out into another very intense orgasm right before Rick’s eyes.Rick now pulled out his own cock out of his pants. He began to stroke on his cock as he watched his ex-wife get pounded right there in front of him. Minutes later as his ex-wife cried out yet again into another orgasm Rick’s cock also began to explode. He had cum all over himself as he watched his ex-wife get fucked hard by a 21 year old stripper.Jake was now close to cumming himself as he gave Kelly several more hard thrust with his large cock. He then began to grunt out, “Oh’ god baby I am going to cum all over your beautiful ass!”A few seconds later Jake moaned out as he began to explode like never before all over Kelly’s beautiful ass. He cover her lovely ass in cum as a jealous Rick sat only a few feet away watching. Rick was almost traumatized by what he had just seen. He couldn’t believe that his wife could fuck like that as a rage of jealously shot right through him.A short while later Jake was ready for round two. The two of them were now in the shower together. Rick watched from the doorway as he began to remember all the times he had seen Kelly naked before in the shower, but this time was so very different. Kelly and Rick had remodeled there bathroom a few years back as they had enlarged the shower with three sided clear glass. Rick could easily see the two of them as they began to shower closely with one another.Kelly had her back to Jake as his soapy hands began to engulf her beautiful body. Rick had this exact opportunity so many times before, but had pass on it making him wondering why he didn’t do the same thing to Kelly. He felt a sense of guilt and rage that he didn’t take advantage of the little things back when they were married, but that were so precious to him now.Jake stood behind Kelly with his soap lathered hands and began to explore all parts of her body. The sound of soft moans of Kelly radiated throughout the bathroom as Jake’s hands made their way down her beautiful body.A few minutes later Kelly dropped down onto her knees. She began to engulf Jake’s big cock deep into her mouth as the warm water cascaded down over her. His cock had become instantly hard as he felt Kelly’s warm mouth glide back n forth across the shaft of his big cock. This went on for several minutes until Jake pulled her up to her feet.

He Hadn’t Seen His Ex-wife Naked In More Than Two Years As She Stood There Wearing Just A Pair Of White Satin Panties.

She now rested her hands onto the clear glass and angled her beautiful ass back toward Jake’s throbbing cock. He began to mount her from behind as the milfs water continued to cascade down across both of their bodies. He began to fuck her hard from behind as she felt his enormous size cock hit deeply into her swollen pussy. A short while later the sound of a muffle scream began to fill the bathroom as Kelly once again cried out into a very powerful orgasm. Her body slowly wilted as her legs began to weaken.Jake now grabbed one of her legs and raised it up into the air. His cock now slid even more easily in and out of her pussy as Kelly continued to hold on desperately onto the glass with her hands. This went on for several minutes as Kelly continued to cry out in total ecstasy.A short while later Jake lifted Kelly’s body up off the shower floor. She had her arms and legs draped around his neck and waist as he began to fuck her standing up in the shower. Kelly cried out loudly as she had never experienced anything like this ever before. Jake fucked her this way for a good ten minutes before finally lowering her back down onto the floor.The two of them then quickly left the shower and headed for Kelly’s bed. Jake quickly got underneath Kelly as she climbed on top of his big cock. She began to maneuver herself up and down onto his big cock as Rick watched on intently from the side of the bed. It only took Kelly a few minutes before she once again screamed out into another powerful orgasm all over Jake’s big cock.Jake then rolled Kelly off his cock and slid sideways up against her worn out body. He began to fuck her from the side now as Rick watched on from only a few feet away. Jake rammed his cock hard into her for several minutes before changing positions once again.This time Jake had Kelly lay on her back as he climbed on top of her. He look intently into Kelly’s eyes as he began to fuck her with more force. Kelly cried out as she wrapped her arms tightly around the young man holding his body against hers. Several minutes later the two of them cried out simultaneous with one another as they both began to orgasm at the same time. Jake filled Kelly’s pussy with his cum as a distraught Rick watched on helplessly next to the bed.A few minutes later Jake rolled off Kelly’s beautiful body. His cum began to ooze from Kelly’s just fucked pussy as she lay there still trembling on the bed. Rick was even more jealous than before as he just watched his beautiful ex-wife get fucked for a second time right before his eyes.As the night ended Rick now began to wonder why he had ever left Kelly in the first place!This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:Ex-husband Sets Up His Former Wife With A Stripper While He WatchesYou may also like…Ex-husband Sets Up His Former Wife With A Stripper While He Watches from http://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/exhusband-sets-up-his-former-wife-with.aspx

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